Presenting on an iPad


All the promo videos show someone going through their presentation on an iPad - i.e. touch screen. I can’t find anything that shows me to how to do that - the only option is to click through my presentation with a mouse or using the arrows or to click on topics, all of which are fine on a computer, but we really want to use the touch screen feature. Is this actually available?
Thanks in advance!


It’s possible to present on an iPad, you need to install our Prezi Viewer application for this purpose. For further details, please check this article in our Knowledge Base.


Thanks for the reply Vanda. Yes I have done all of that, but I’m referring specifically to the touch screen features. In the promotional videos, the presenter isn’t just tapping arrows to move through the presentation, but is tapping on topics, using two fingers to zoom in and out of particular areas… I was hoping to be able to make it more “conversational,” to use Prezi’s own words, rather than have to move through chronologically.
Am I missing something?


These are all possible in the Prezi Viewer application, as well. In case you experience differently, please let us know and send a link to your presentation so that we can check.


I’m having a different experience with one prezi,
i’m guessing i made the topics too small,
I can’t post the link publicly here yet.
I’ll make a support request or chat.


I have been presenting on my iPad and a Windows Surface. I am primarily using iPad. I have noticed that when I present on my iPad i always need to double tap on the topic bubbles instead of tapping it just once with my finger like I do with my Surface. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks.