Presenting Remotely: will the link expire if it's shared before presenting?

I have never presented a Prezi remotely before – I wanted to confirm that if I shared the copied link that Prezi gives me ahead of time with participants (~5 days), that the link will not expire or generate a new link on the day of the presentation. 

I assume this is the case, but want to make sure and cannot find confirmation on forums/manuals.


Hello Macey,
Thanks for your question. The shared link will not change if you don’t edit the Prezi. Once the subscribers have the link they can check the Prezi even when the Prezi is hidden.

If you wish the subscribers can’t see the link/Prezi anymore you’ve have to change the title of the Prezi or set the Prezi in local modus. This is only possible if you have Prezi Pro.

Hope to help.
With regards,

Eko Kooistra from Holland

I shared another teacher’s Prezi with my students, but when they tried to view it, it said it was expired. I did the link again, and it worked for a few days and then the new link expired. How long does a link last? With my students working remotely, I can’t make them read it on a certain day when normally I’d present it in class.

Here are the 2 Prezis I’ve shared that keep saying the links are expired when my students try to click on it. I’m also including a screenshot of where I’m getting the share link: