Presenting with Prezi live

I have been using Prezi for almost two years now. All virtual sessions due to Covid. I am starting to do Live presentations again. I used to use PowerPoint but Prezi is so much more engaging.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do a Prezi in person ? I feel it isn’t possible to stand and do it as you would need to be by your computer the whole time and use the mouse to click on different sections.

My presentations are not linear so I can not just use a clicker to advance to the next topic as not every topic in the Prezi would be discussed.

Appreciate any guidance.

I haven’t found any way around having my computer in front of me. I can re-organize my Prezi for each presentation to flow according to how I think it will flow, allowing me to be free of the computer and use my clicker for some or most of the discussion, then engaging with the computer mouse or pad whenever we diverge from that order. I haven’t found it distracting personally, and since my highest value is engaging the audience, I trust that their high engagement with the visuals overcomes any potential distraction from watching me interact with the computer.

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