Prevent Prezi Video from creating Desktop shortcut

Hello, Prezi Video keeps adding an application shortcut to my desktop. I keep deleting it, it keeps coming back. My guess is that it appears after every auto-update. How do I turn that off?

I’m on Windows 10, current version of Prezi Video

…and for the deletion process you even need administrator rights. :roll_eyes:

Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback, I’m gonna forward it to our developers.

@Philipp, don’t you need administrator rights for the installation as well?

:wave: Hi @Bart,

sure you need administrator rights for the installation.
But the automatic shortcuts are also given to other users, who have an account on the computer. The Prezi development probably assumes that someone uses his pc only by himself as administrator.
Also I never work with administrator rights (you never should). And of course the administrator has a password. Therefore you have to enter a password every time to remove the new shortcut. Stupid setting of windows, administrator rights to remove shortcuts :thinking:

Thanks and greetings

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll forward it to our developers and I’ll let you know if there is anything we could share here.

:+1: Okay!

@Bart Ditto, please fix it as it’s annoying. It’s been happening since it was released.

Looking for a solution to this… tired of deleting the Prezi shortcut on a desktop that I keep clean. No solutions after 7 months?

Hi @lds, no news regarding this yet, I’ll forward your feedback to our product team!