Prezi 3D

take Prezi to 3D, provide importer for Adobe Acrobat 3D, AutoCAD, Google Sketchup and Google Earth and take the flat 2D Prezi Canvas up to a 3D Workspace… just my 50 cents :slight_smile:

That would be sexy :wink: We are also thinking on some kind of 3D idea, but that won’t come in the near future, as we are trying to bring the current setup to perfection, implement important but missing features, etc.

I think, not directly 3d but layers with activable / de-activeable control radio button would be magnificient and require much less work than 3d to start with, flash has it.

The whole thing in 3d like presenting information from different perspectives would be mind blowing and a certainly far more addictive at it is already :wink: !

This would be amazing for presenting map data without being constrained by Google earth or arc explorer’s limited presentation capabilities.

just an idea.

I have an idea for a true free rotate also

yes - I feel that zooming has had it’s day… I would like to be able to create 3d prezi… for example, imagine a ‘crown’ with jewels or even just circles with text. I would like to be able to move the perspective around the outside of the ‘crown’, stopping off at different ‘jewels’. The important thing there for communication purposes would be to enable viewers to keep previous points in view. Or I would like to move back and fore along a time-line that vanishes into the distance. I know I could do this of sorts with the stock template images that prezi provides…

I tried to create a ‘wall’ that disappears into the vanishing point by elongating a triangle (one of the shapes native to prezi) but it’s not very convincing…

OK. Since there has not been any significant movement on this topic for 3 years now, here is a link to a great javascript library which will take a HTML5 canvas to 3D.

Take a look at: impress.js
Use the spacebar or arrow key to navigate.

love it - thanks Matt!