Prezi acquires dataviz leader Infogram

We’re extremely happy to share that Prezi & dataviz leader Infogram have joined forces to help accelerate visual communications. For more info, check our blog post.

I notice the plan is to keep separate for now, but is there any chance we’ll be able to download/embed an Infogram infographic directly into our Prezi presentations quickly & easily, keeping interactivity (and optimistically at no additional charge for those of us already at the Premium levels)?? I did look into the introductory Infogram video, created a free account, & hope to soon dabble a bit in creating some great new assets; any help/tips & tricks/tutorials specific to the best use within a Prezi would be greatly appreciated!! Looking fwd to it.

This is really great news! I too have the same kind of question. Most of our customers wish to show graphs, charts and all the other bits so it would be awesome if we could embed something into their Prezi to make it more interactive.

Is there any possibility in the future of this collaboration? Looking forward to see the next steps!

@Plastic_Ingenuity @Luke_Jones We’re still exploring the possibilities of how our customers may benefit most from this collaboration. For now, we’ll continue to offer standalone versions of Infogram products. Prezi will continue to invest in research and development of Infogram and will create a Data Visualization Center of Excellence in Latvia.

No tutorials just yet, but we’ll eventually get there. Thanks for your patience. The best way you can make use of Infogram in Prezi at this time is to download your Infogram creations as images, and insert these into your Prezi presentations.

Everything else does’nt make sense. You can embed infograms into Wordpress by now using a Wiki-like syntax, and as HTML (iframes, javascript), so I think it’s only a matter of time until infograms are implemented.

So is there a specific time when we can expect Infogram support by Prezi? I was so excited the minute I saw that you work together now, but I thought that I can insert my infograms into my presentation, which appears not to be true. Inserting images of infograms is not nearly comparable to an interactive infogram.

Not at this time, @Kirill_Isakov. We’ll update this thread with any news.

Charts feature is now available in Prezi Next, for further details, please check our announcement.