Prezi amb wireless presenter


Can I use prezi with one wireless presenter.
I’ve tried but…without succesful!!!
Please, let me know


@Jordi_Aumedes We have tried out several different models (like the Logitech Spotlight remote) that work with Prezi but we are happy to check if yours is compatible.

Could you tell exactly what kind of clicker you were using so we can test it? Thanks in advance.


Hi Agnès
Thank so much for your answer.
My wireless presenter is DOOSL model DSIT001. It makes only zoom in and zoom out, but I need that it makes the next step in presentation.
What do you think I have to check in my computer?
Thanks again!!!


I am sorry for such a late reply. Please make sure to hold the up & down arrow pressed for approximately 5 seconds, that switches the function to left & right.