Prezi and Privacy over the paid period


Prezi paid subscriptions allows to preserve the privacy and share the presentation within closed circle and not public. What will happen with my presentation after subscription ends?

-Will it by my property and I still can manage the privacy of that particular presentation, or it will be published as public presentation?
-Do I have access to show, download and edit my presentation, even after subscription ends?

I need to make few presentation but with sensitive data. Prezi looks great tool, but I need to ensure to keep those presentations confidently secured, even after the subscription ends



Hi Peter, once your trial period ends and you decide not to have a paying subscription, you license expires, which means the following:

  • your private presentations will remain private
  • you can access your presentations online for viewing and presenting
  • you won’t be able to log into the desktop app, so downloading the presentations is not possible with an expired license. However, if you download them before the end of the trial, you will be able to use the exported files as long as you wish
  • you are not able to edit presentations with an expired license but can still share them via view links and present from your dashboard

Your presentations only become public if you decide to downgrade your license to a free Basic one (and in this case, you will be able to edit the presentations again without the extra features included in your trial license). Otherwise, if you keep the license expired, your presentations will remain private.