Prezi and Smartboard - really close to being the perfect pair!

Prezi and Smartboard are a fantastic pair. But we really, really need the ability to pin the “Home and Zoom” menu (or at least the Home button) along any edge of the screen or window.

The huge problem the current hiding menu presents is that when we zoom way in, we cannot easily zoom out using just the Smartboard. We must walk back to the PC, move the mouse or press a key.

That defeats the Smartboard. Prezi is soooo close to being a perfect fit for the Smartboard - would you guys consider adding this feature? Thanks!

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the idea. Right now we’re cramming to deliver some desperately-requested features by our users - once we’ve done our release we can focus on other new ideas coming in. I have noted this and will share with the team.


Get a clicker, or a program that allows you to use your mobile phone as a clicker with bluetooth, such as WMouseXP, you can customize the keys and have a zoom and a forward/back function…


Yes, that’d work too. Although I’d prefer one less piece of gear to lose, or have to hang onto while teaching at the whiteboard.

Pinning that menu would be a straightforward tweak to Prezi that’d do the trick.


looking forward to this fix too Mike.

Katherine Kern

So any news regarding this?