Prezi apps for iPhone

Hi Prezi, I wonder if in near future you guys will create iPhone apps to create Prezi presentation or perhaps to actually display it as container?

Great idea. I think Prezi is a great mind mapping tool - tying together thoughts, and allows you to guid others through your thought process. So a mobile version would be far better than what is out there right now. But in the future is a difficult time frame, are we talking soon - months or longer?

Any update about the time frame?

Sure, but if Prezi is making a lot of use of Flash, and the iPhone doesn’t do Flash. . .

What I’d like instead is an iPhone app that helps me CONTROL my prezi while I present it from a laptop. Like the Logitech Touch Mouse app. But a Prezi-specific one, with left and right arrow keys and such.

The idea is great…and should not be that hard:

You have a way of compiling a Flash application into an executable/.app file. Why not giving the .ipa file as well?as far as I understood this is a possible feature in the latest Flash

Being able to run a prezi (zoom, next, etc.) from my iphone would be so useful. If done right, I could do away with my laptop for presentations altogether!

I have just stumbled on to Prezi. Very exciting stuff. I am wondering if your Iphone app will also run on the Ipad. I am getting one to end my need for lugging around my MacBook pro. Will that app also work on the Ipad or will there be a Ipad release sometime over the next year?

Thanks Karla

And iPad!!!

It’s fantastic to introduce Prezi to the iPad. It’s a killer app to bring out the best of the device and the software!

Sounds fantastic - is there a timescale for an app on the iPhone?

Hm, it’s now over a year ago and still no Prezi app for the iPhone. Shame…


I talked to Zoli Radnai a while ago and they are waiting to see if there will be deviced available in the future that support flash.

Android as well???

Not sure…but Androind already supports flash!

Only android 2.2 supports flash, and there are a lot of pre 2.2. phones / tablets out there. Also a dedicated interface would be easier to use on those small screens.

Flash is buggy in android 2.2. That’s why Apple refuse to use Flash for their mobile devices. Creating an iOS device version of Prezi is definitely worth the effort.

I’ve never had a single problem with flash on android, and prezi does work reasonably well on it. However having a dedicated interface will generally improve the user experience on any device.

After publishing the work-around on my blog on how to use Prezi on the iPad (…) my site has gone wild.

Let’s be honest here: We are already waiting too long. You need to get moving on this one asap!

edgeworth.chow said : "Flash is buggy in android 2.2. That’s why Apple refuse to use Flash for their mobile devices. "

that is pure FUD propaganda
I’m using prezi on a HTC Desire without problem