Prezi apps for iPhone

I can understand why you can not support such an app for iPhone. Becaus Prezi is using flash, and Steve Jobs don’t want flash. So Prezi can do nothing with this. Every Person who bought an IPhone know that no flash works.
Their can be thounsend of People who wants this app. Prezi can not bring flash to iPhone.

It would be nicer if Prezi support those devices who can run with Flash:

see at the next Post: It IS NOT possible!



your comment is not entirely correct. Of course Prezi is programmed in flash right now - but the underlying idea is not something that absolutely REQUIRES flash. It could just as well be written in C.

There is also a flash tot javascript converter called smokescreen ( which might (in the far future) be a solution - however I am not convinced this will work for something as complex as Prezi.

However we have to conclude that not having Prezi on the iPad is a choice, that has been made by the Prezi team. What I find most disturbing is that Zoli actually said that they WILL do so (scroll up) and has not taken the time to comment on this thread further…

Just to give you guys an idea of how much people want this…I have attached a picture of my blog traffic (at I have written just 1 article on how to use Prezi on the iPad (via a not very handy and really ugly way I might add) - and A LOT of people are looking for this…


PLEASE! I urge you to reconsider. What do we need to do to get you to make an iPad app? What do you need? Maybe we can contribute?


That their are so much posts for Prezi on iPad/iPod, means only that iPad/iPod users postet the same cause several times. The probability is very big, that many users voted for the same idea but on several post.
So, their are not less than 113 votes for, that Prezi changes their completly Programm building.

My suggestion to all 113 Persons is:

  • Buy another Tablet PC, or Mobile Phone
  • Don’t supportet all ignorant business management
    (I mean, Steve Jobs ignore thoundsends of people, which want Flash on iOS, and the Rest of the users could Steve furnish prima facie evidence that they don’t realy want Flash because Flash wouldn’t work on MobilePhones right. But my mobile Phone works realy great with Flash - How could it be?)
  • Every One who still wants to use iPhone/iPad could use this smokescreen converter. (By the way: This tool would not exist, if their ist no iPhone/iPad Flash denier)

Prezi would never scare iPad/iPhone users away. So they say nothing or only maybe it could be work in the future.

I have the feeling, that iPhone/iPad users thought, that they have the best in his hands, and never get a notion that this thing is not perfekt and others work better, And they could not believe, that their is any app or programm in this world which schould not run first on iPhone/iPad.

I kwow that you Martin has another opinion to all i wrote. But thats my meaning. Somthing was a little bit exaggeration. So nobody should get this personally.

Prezi is now available on the iPad!…

You guys are awesome…!

And when for iphone?

I want prezi for iPod/iPhone!!!

why are you sad?

SO, Prezi DOES work on Ipad? If I create on my PC but my client wants to open it on his IPad, will he be able to?

In theory yes. However the iPad app is still a bit buggy sometimes and stuff like video does not work. I highly recommend only simple prezis and checking them before.

Thank you and giddyup on gettin’ video in;-)

Now that we’ve got the iPad app, are you still looking at expanding it to iPhone? Seems like that shouldn’t be too hard of a transition…

When can we expect to have an iPhone viewer?

A !phone viewer, the coolest.Is it 40.99 a month?

Oh I invited myself to be objective, but thanks Kristine

Looking to create prezi’s on an iPad… Any help?

Not possible…yet

Has the Prezi team considered moving to html 5? I work on multiple platforms including ipad, android, windows and mac. Adobe seems to be adjusting their own views on flash, as the industry seems to be moving towards html5.
Regardless, of how it is done, having the ability to create prezi’s on the ipad would seem to make the most sense. Prezi on the desktop is very natural with their interface. Providing the ability to use on a touchscreen OS such as iOS or Win8 would seem to make sense, and would make the creation of prezi’s very natural. Any hope for mobile prezi creation?

Ooooh yes it make sens