Prezi apps for iPhone

Hi guys. I love Prezi. When will you come up with an iPhone app that controls my iPad Prezis via bluetooth ?

I’m wondering if there’s a controlling function like “Keynote Remote” for Prezi to control my Prezi-Presentation through my iPhone?

Is there a way to display an iPad Prezi presentation with a projector?


Just make it host a live session from the Prezi servers and let the ipad or iphone control the presentation. What you would do is go to a web link for the specific presentation and that computer could be connected to the projector. After that you login to Prezi app and host the live session which would update and show up on computer. So much simpler to use than bluetooth and other wireless options such as ip input and ports.

I believe Ipad is feasible but Iphone i m looking forward to =)

Did you find a solution to this questions? An iphone app that controls a Prezi presentation via bluetooth? Need same app immediately!

You could use the iPhone app “Mobile Mouse” as a workaround solution. It will turn your iPhone into a mouse touchpad, which should work with Prezi. Good luck.

There is a great workaround I found earlier today.
open your prezi
Click edit
press spacebar
press m
now you can use your regular clicker.

Its a way to use a proyector with my iphone! then, i wanna use my iphone to display my prezis like a container.

Millions of people use iphones to view email, inlcuding most of the donors of my organization. I want to use prezi to send out a newsletter but I am reluctant because there is no way for them to view it. Can we expect an iphone app similar to the ipad one where it can redirect people to the app to open a prezi? That would be awesome… or an html 5 converter?

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