Prezi as a mind-mapping tool

could we have a mind-map tool ?
A tool for drawing (and editing) automatically layed out mind-maps with links etc. It would save (a lot of ) time for drawing out basic starts to prezis and for thinking as you go. Also for perhaps adding mind maps covering details in the prezi.

Thanks for the suggestions and motivation behind the request. This always helps us as we consider features and options to improve the Prezi experience.

We’re thrilled that you see the value of Prezi as a tool for mindmapping and we have noted your ideas. In the meantime, here’s a mind map we created for a class - it’s reusable, so feel free to use it if it applies to your needs.


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Here’s the URL of the reusable prezi:…

I think better mindmapping support would be great. Mindmapping means that the tool helps with layout and arranging things (while still giving some flexibility). A mindmapping structure means that it’s much easier to restructure a presentation.

I’m using FreeMind (…) as well, because the operation is very intuitive.

Individual knots that hang together, and a new node can easily be inserted per insert button. No lines to draw. It’s simplicity that counts when generating a MindMap via PC. Because the brain needs to concentrate on the minds to put into the map. So JUST ONE KEY, to go further.

Either importing mindmaps from Freemind, or integrating the whole freemind tool into prezi would help. Second choise prefered!

Thanks a lot,

This does not realy help! Just have a look to the FreeMind Software.

One needs to concentrate to one’s thoughts when creating a MindMap. So, operation needs to be intuitive. No lines to draw. They need to be drawn automaticly! Thought’s need to be inserted one after each other, separated by ENTER key. Sub-Nodes (one hirarchy down) need to be inserted by ONE key, e.g. INSERT button.
Thoughts need to be arranged and connected by lines automaticly.

That would be implementation of a Mind-Map Tool. And that would realy empower prezi as creative writing and presenting tool!

Agreed! I am a teacher and I would love to have the zooming ease of prezi with the automatic connectivity of FreeMind or SmartIdeas (I use a SMARTboard).

Right now I am stuck between - I can’t really build a prezi in class collaboratively with my students because making connective arrows/symbols is too cumbersome. But my mind mapping software doesn’t have the zooming or the design values of prezi.

I think it would open prezi up to be much more collaborative in real time - I could site with my class and put together an awesome, multimedia mind map that we could later chart paths through…

Love to be able to either able to import from .MM, XML files, or even easily create mindmaps within Prezi - using the Enter/Insert shortcuts as mentioned in previous comments - with auto generation of nodes.

The ability to create mind maps i.e. to link text-shapes with lines, by simple click and drag movements,is an essential for Prezi.

The fact that Prezi does not offer this yet is a real drawback. If Prezi does offer mind maps, then it would without doubt be the best mind map tool available, because of Prezi’s ability to zoom. Current mind map tools are really limited by comparison.

But Prezi needs to automate the creation of links between shapes. Importing mind maps from other progs, or offering templates (as above) is really NO SOLUTION.

No one can effectively create mind maps with Prezi at the moment. What you can create is a presentation of a mind map. This is totally different. A mind map is a tool for thinking something through. In its present state, creating a mind map on Prezi is far to labour intensive and complex to be of any use as a mind map.

This is NO HELP AT ALL. It misses the point. A mind map is a tool for thinking something through. Creating a mind map on Prezi at the moment, is a far too labour intensive process to be at all useful. The Prezi devs need to automate the process so that is one click for a text box and one click for line link to connect that text box with another.

I agree. I’ve used MindNode and Prezi extensively for many years and would love to see the two capabilities combined.

It’s a simple but powerfully rapid tool…