Prezi as a training platform?

Hi prezi people,

I wonder if you’ve considered the following feature; prezi as a training platform?
I’ve just published my first prezi: “why not just use a spreadsheet?” as a sales tool for a new product I’ve just launched.
It occurred to me that with a small enhancement to prezi it could be an excellent interactive training platform for my product (and countless others).
Here’s the idea; create an overview prezi of the product as a sort form of mind map with embedded instructional videos at the approriate nodes.
Here’s the new part, allow the creator of the prezi to add meta data to the prezi, and allow trainees to search this data. On making a selection from search results they are zoomed to the right part of the product and the vid rolls. Idea is that the learning is much more effective as the trainee is given CONTEXT to his answer, not just his answer.
Optional enhancement is for the presenter to provide 3 levels of learning, from beginner to expert, these are delivered via the zoom levels and 3d backgrounds. Ie beginner answers are all found at top level, whereas you drill down to increasingly complex concepts.
I think it would provide an exiting alternative to existing training platforms, for not much additional enhancement of prezi.

Hi Doug!

Wow, this is a great idea!
Thank you to share your concept!
I think with some creative work-arounds it’s also possible now without any programming. :slight_smile:

Tomi Mester

Hi Tomi,

thanks for your enthusiasm. I’d be very keen to hear your creative work-arounds as I’d love to roll this out fairly quickly.
I have about 30 vids ready so could knock up the prezi pretty quickly.