Prezi as interactive teaching tool

hi folks! Does anyone use Prezi as an interactive teaching tool rather than as a presentation tool? I’d like to walk students through a sequence of video clips with interpretive commentary, and prezi works beautifully for this – on the other hand, it would be great if it allowed comments or discussion. There’s no application I know of that gives you the beatiful prezi animation features with interactive capability.

Hello John Arthos,

at one time interactivity with Prezi was possible using Flash and AS2/3 coding (this was never supported though). Unfortunately, it is now very difficult to use flash interactivity in Prezi and usually any flash objects (swf files) which contain AS3 code will be rejected or not allowed to work I’m afraid.

Recently there has been an API (Alpha version) introduced which allows you to carry out some useful tricks in the browser - see below:

Although this will not answer all your questions, it may give you some ideas for interaction (example

Alternatively, embedding a Prezi within a web page may allow you to have a comments area close by (blog like) for students to comment / react - not ideal I know.