Prezi Business Fullscreen Mode Top "Ad" Bar Removal?


I have an issue that follows:
When a client clicks on the link to the Prezi being presented to them, there is a bar at the top that seems like an ad. It says Prezi business and a few options at the top right with a request button. The client also sees this. When you click on the Fullscreen option arrows at the bottom right the bar goes away.

My question:
Is it possible to have the Prezi link sent so that they aren’t shown the Prezi bar at the top? an option maybe to not also send them an ad in the top?
So far the only option is to have each client click the link then manually fullscreen it on their/our end, which is an awkward introduction to both the software and our presentation.

Thank you so much to anyone who might have some insight on this feature/issue.


This is an easy fix. Simply add the code /embed at the end of the Prezi URL.

For example

The top menu bar will be disappear and the Prezi will play in fullscreen.

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Can you please elaborate on this? At what point and how exactly do I add the /embed? I typically use the +Create a new link action button in the Prezi desktop app, and the random link is made. Then I copy/paste into an email. But it doesn’t work for me to just add the text after, while in Outlook, so I think I must be missing a critical code step? Sorry for what might be a “duh” question.

Thank you SO much, hero of Prezi! :wink:


Currently I have tried with the both URL versions:

The regular with ID:
and the generated view link:

Simply adding the /embed at the end of both seems to do the trick.

If possible could you please share the URL of you Prezi, I could also take a look and find out what might be missing from the URL

Thank you for the offer but I can’t share due to confidentiality, but I’ll try again on my end.

Are you adding the /embed after you paste into the browser or before? I was trying to tack on to the end after pasting into an email since then the recipient wouldn’t have to do it themselves, and Outlook was being difficult. I’m wondering if I need to combine elsewhere beforehand, maybe.

Now I see what might be causing this, as an email client might just keep the original link, although you add the /embed word, then an HTML email could just direct to the original link.

So definitely first paste the link into the browser, then add the /embed code, test and see that there really is no header and then and after that copy the link.