Prezi changed my life!

Dear Prezi

Thank you very much for providing a fluid, entertaining and engaging experience with my Team! I was tasked with presenting some interesting issues on Financial Markets as a info session to my Team.

I thought, instead of using the same old drab powerpoint, why don’t I try this, which I really enjoy doing? So I did a Prezi Classic on my Mac and showed it to my Team and they were all blown away :slight_smile:

In fact both the Head of my Division and one of the senior personnel in Treasury were extremely impressed that I have been asked to handle training modules on Financial Markets and Pricing of Instruments going forward! I will use Prezi of course :wink:

I have also recommended Prezi to my colleagues who attended my Info session

The above is the current issue.

I also have something else to share for which a “Thank you” is over due, I did another Prezi on a major Bank which not only led to receiving the Best Presentation award and a perfect score at a major Business School in the United States but also a job offer from the very Bank that I did it on!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!


Hi @Manikandan_Venkatara,

Thank you so much for your message, we are all very glad to hear about your success story.

Inspirational stories like yours motivate us to develop our software and help our users as much as we can to create the best and most outstanding presentations so they can better convey their ideas and achieve success.

Good luck with your job and hopefully Prezi will come handy for you in the future as well!

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