Prezi Classic Content Gone


I just logged into Prezi for the first time this new year and have been a long time user of Prezi. However, when I logged in I no longer had the option to access my Prezi Classic Content. It’s all gone. As an educator this is extremely frustrating as I have spent a lot of time creating presentations for my classes. Is there any way that I can access or recover my Prezi Classic Content to import it into Prezi Next?


Have you tried toggling the menu in the upper left? Where it says Prezi Next, click the little down-facing carrot and a drop-down should open to allow you to select Prezi Classic instead. Hope that helps!


It doesn’t give me an option to toggle between the two. It did last fall but not at the moment.


Hi @Kaitlyn_Miller, your current account was just created recently so your presentations are most probably under a different account. Could you send me a link to any of your presentations or think of any different email addresses you might have used to register? Thanks in advance.


Hi Agnes,

I did some looking and have found my presentations. I tried logging in through a different account. My apologies.


Great, thanks for letting us know!