Prezi Classic IS Classic, Prezi Next is the Next thing I will not be using

Prezi Classic is no longer an option and Prezi Next is NOT nearly as good as Classic.  I want to zoom in, zoom out, rotate, chose my own backgrounds or have backgrounds that are transparent.  I want to establish my own path and my own navigation and from what I have found with Next these options are a thing of the past.  I can not believe anybody in a leadership role at Prezi thinks that they have come up with a better product with Next while also thinking that Classic is garbage.  VERY disappointed!!


Thanks for the great post.

I’ll also check out the links posted here, but I agree with the original post – and have major problems with how Prezi rolled out Next, seemingly without any explanation about all the LOST functionality that causes huge problems for longer-term Prezi Classic users. I mean stuff like removing the grouping functionality is inexcusable. The tedious way to do such basic things now, apparently via the animation function, is absurdly bad.

You’ve created so many problems with this new version. I’m sure the backlash is substantial. To net it out, you seem to be taking away much better functionality to do what looks similar to what Ppt can do with its far more sophisticated animation capabilities. You’re going in the wrong direction, unfortunately, as power users like us are seeing so many new challenges with your only supportable version that we will be forced back to Ppt world. I’d rather not go in that direction, but you need to do a better job testing your new software with users before releasing a product like this. Power users of Classic don’t want to be forced into using templates, for example, which is obviously what you’re pushing. You also have glitches with Prezi Next download. Things don’t display correctly, and we’re forced to figure out why misalignments are occurring.

Hope that you have an update coming to remedy what long-term Classic users are surely complaining about in droves. What a shame you rolled out something that made the product worse, more cumbersome than ever, with new features that aren’t that valuable. I can tell what you tried to address, stuff like speaker’s notes, for example, but that’s far from where I see needs right now. Prezi Next is pathetically bad compared to what you originally created. How could you forget long-term users in favor of something so obviously different and problematic. When you tell everyone Classic is still available – but not going to be supported from a development standpoint – you are forcing us to think we better go with Next. The only thing you can do at this point is tell people you’re working on something better, to be patient, and I sure hope you’re getting much better user input going forward.