Prezi Classic Presentation (I own) not able to edit all of a sudden


I have created this presentation and myself and all it’s shared collaborators are not able to select anything on it to edit. While in edit mode, I can only make path edits in that left column panel area AND add new things like text blocks, but not edit anything that I’ve created in the main field. It like it lost it’s “select function”.

This problem exist on the parent prezi file and any copied versions of this one Prezi.
My other shared and local prezi’s seem to working fine.

Here’s a link to the prezi, HELP MEHHHH! This needs to be edited and presented early next week.



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Hello @Monica_Lacombe, could you please check if you are able to edit the presentation now?


YES! YOU ARE A LIFESAVER!!! Thanks so much.

To follow up, is this the best way to communicate a problem with my Pezi?


Hello @Monica_Lacombe, we are glad it’s working now!

Once you have a Prezi Business license, you are able to send a help request or chat with us, but you can also reach out through here, we are happy to assist you.