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Hello Prezi team members!

First, happy new year to everybody!
I am a real prezi lover, registered 10 years ago on the platform, when there still was the “prezi weel” as the main toolbox. I am a History and Geography teacher and have more than 300 prezi i created and use with my students. In a nutshell, this has been my main presentation tool for the past 10 years. (Edu Account)

All the prezi I have created have been created with prezi classic (tbh, I didn’t take the time to explore it, since prezi classic is just so easy for me to use now!). Unfortunatly, I know that in 2020, flash player won’t be supported anymore.

I spent hours creating original content and I would really cry a river (:blush:) if I wont’ be able to port / transfer my prezis so I can still edit them after 2020. Are you working on such a solution?

Thanks for your answer!
Have a nice day


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