Prezi Classic troubleshooting

I have been (and still am!) an avid Prezi user and use it every day in all aspects of my teaching career. However, this is the first time that I have had a problem I cant fix and urgently need some advice please! Every time I try to edit one of my prezis it says " last action could not be supported, the content i wanted to modify was too big or small on the prezi canvas" I have been through it but cant see anything?! does any one have any ideas?!

Hello @KIM_ADAMS, it seems that your presentation has too great of a difference between the smallest objects and its overall size. Some characteristics are:

  • a choppy/jittery animation caused by zooming out via the home button.
  • stretched path lines in the top left corner of the canvas in path mode.
  • error messages like “Can’t Zoom Out Further” or “Can’t Pan More”.

In order to fix this, make the smallest objects larger and/or the largest objects smaller, and group the content closer together so that the path lines are no longer stretched off the canvas. This way you can make a smoother transition. Please, create a backup copy so you can save the original version of the presentation. Let us know if you were able to fix the issue!