Prezi Classic won't open edit mode


I have made a prezi and started on it, but whenever I click ‘edit’ it goes straight to present without letting me edit it. I have even tried going from present mode to edit and it won’t work.


@Sophie_Judd Could you send us the link of the presentation so we can take a look? Thanks in advance.


I have the same problem. I created a prezi but can’t edit it.


me too
that’s my presentation link:

I need really bad finish this


would you try mine? I’m having the same issue



I tested your presentations and could not recreate the issue. Could you check this post on the Prezi Classic forum and try the recommended workaround? Thanks in advance.


Also having this issue. Seems to be a common bug. The loading screen gets to around 45% then jumps to the presenter view. I’ve tried in both normal and incognito browsers.


@Matthew_Cuzner Could you send us the link of the presentation in question so we can test it? Thanks in advance.