Prezi content deleted


Hi, I don’t know what happened- my Prezi content is now missing. The full presentation was good on Sunday January 20th between 3-5pm Eastern standard time. Please help me, its my year end project due today to school. Here is the link.


Hello @Noah_Van_Dyke, I’m afraid I cannot see any content being added to or removed from your presentation on 20 January which could mean that due to a network issue the changes were not synced around that time.

I can see that the presentation was edited on 19 January and then on 22 and 23 January. If you wish, I can revert the presentation to 19 January but then please make a copy first so you don’t lose any of the content you added after this date. Thanks in advance.


Yes Please, try that, I made a copy so please see what you can do.


@Noah_Van_Dyke I reverted the presentation, could you check if this is the version you were looking for?