Prezi could be a kick-ass diagramming tool!

It occurred to me while I was looking at a a diagram someone else had made, that the same could have been made in Prezi, the bonus would be the ability to set a motion path and walk through the diagram. I was wondering if any thought has been put into adding diagramming features to Prezi? It would be rather simple really, you’d just have to add some standard flow/process chart shapes as frames. After that everything else would be the same.

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More diagramming features with linked connectors (like Visio) would be very useful and are quite standard in presentation tools.

Interactive diagrams is that we should go to. Moving focus from one part to another can change diagram itself (highlighting numbers, for example). You can do it in Adobe Presenter now.

cool idea but that would be like implementing a flash develop invironment in a flash programm :slight_smile: just a little bit complicated… but you’re right. would be cool :smiley:

Eh, I don’t sweat the details. :wink: