Prezi crashes on iPad when trying to present remotely

I have loaded a .Pez onto my iPad to be able to play the Prezi remotely. Whenever I open it, the app crashes before the Prezi loads. Can this be fixed?

I checked I have the most updated version of the app installed.


If you would like to present a prezi remotely, it needs to be on the cloud. With the pez files this feature is not available, since we would like to offer offline solution for the companies who want to use only the offline editor based on their privacy policies.
If you can send the pez file or upload the prezi to the cloud and send the link, I am happy to test it.

Thank you very much,

Hi Ivan,

Sorry, I am slightly confused by your response. Is there a way to play a Prezi on an iPad without an internet connection?

Thanks for your help,


Dear Nicola,

To be able to present a prezi on your device, you need to download it from the cloud. If you tap on a prezi this process will start. Once you fully download the prezi, it will be available for offline presenting as well. Depends on the content size of the prezi and your internet connection’s bandwidth, it may take a couple minutes.
Also, you are able to use pez files for this as well, in this case, as I mentioned above, you won’t have the sharing feature available for your prezi.

Warm regards,
István Csúsz

Hi Istvan,

Thanks for your response. It’s now clearer and I am able to successfully play my Prezi remotely on my iPad.