Prezi Desctop Version on PC


I have export my presentation for lokal use and start it on windows. When I start a video my “Home” Button is missing and I can’t close ist. See here:


Passwort: fbmuvAv

IMG_0829.MOV 87,27 MB

Wolud you please help me.


Hello, @Oliver_Hagenlocher.

As far as I can see from the video, you are using a touch screen. Please know that although most features might work fine on a touchscreen device, we cannot guarantee that the software will work seamlessly as some inconsistency and unexpected issues may arise.

Please try using the keyboard and see if you are still experiencing the same issue and let me know if the problem still persists in which case we will further investigate. Thanks in advance.



unfortunatly is the prsentation fo touchscreen use and we can’t use tastatur. We used it already in yera 2016 for our presentation - and It’s working perefectly. We would like to use it more, but have now this problem.
How can we fix it?


We’ll try our best to help. Could you please let us know what machine you are using it on and its specifications?


Hello, here the specifications form PC.


Thank you.

As touch screen capabilities are not officially supported, I am afraid all we could suggest would be to navigate the presentation with a keyboard, if possible. I am sorry if it is causing any inconvenience.

However, please know that if it is a tablet you are using, you can use our Prezi Viewer app for presenting the presentation.


OK, with the version 2014 its working wondervoll. When I can get this version?
Can you send me link to donwload?


We’d be happy to help but could you please specify what you mean by the version? Is it another presentation? Thank you.