Prezi Design does not save the work

I would like to warn about the new feature Prezi Design. It does not save the work properly. Sometimes it stops saving your work during half an hour and even if you upload your work as a pdf for example to keep a backup, it is useless, because you cannot re-import it. I lost my work twice within the last 2 hours. I don’t trust this feature anymore and have to restart my slides from scratch.

Hello! I am very sorry to hear that! This is not the expected behaviour of the tool. We will investigate your report to make sure what exactly has caused your reported issues. Currently, we cannot repeat your mentioned issues from our side - all changes are applied and saved correctly. Sometimes having several tabs of the same project open in your browser (or across several devices) can cause issues as our tool tries to automatically save applied changes to your projects, however, if there are several simultaneous states of a project, this could cause issues.

Hi! I am having the same issue! (see attachment) Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 7.19.26 PM|690x84

I tried removing some of the features I added, but now the page is just frozen. Any changes I make are not being saved. How can I change this? I do not have Prezi open in other tabs/windows or on other devices.

Hello, Lauren! I am very sorry to hear that, however, I cannot repeat your mentioned issues - all changes are saved correctly in your design from our side:

Hence, this must be a local issue, maybe tied to browser cache or cookies issues. I would suggest a full browser restart or logging into Prezi from a private/incognito browser window, then trying to edit your project again to see if the changes are saved. Also, try creating a new Prezi Design project to see if changes are saved correctly there. If not - let us know, will investigate further!

This problem is still an issue, as of 2:48pm August 30, 2020.

Hello @Roan_Yarn!
Thanks for letting us know the issue is not fully resolved. Our tech team is working to fix it and it would be useful to know which projects have been affected.
Could you please share with me in a private message the email address your Prezi account is registered with as well as the Design project URL that has not been saving changes properly?

There is also a workaround in case the Design editor is not saving changes as they are done. First, do not close the browser tab where the project is open. Add a new tab and open the Prezi Design dashboard. Depending on the size of your current project, either start a new project or copy the one that’s currently not saving and is open in another tab. To copy, click the 3-dots icon on the project and Make a copy. The project copy will automatically open in the editor in another tab. Now you can copy-paste over pages and objects from the original to the copy. Here are also tutorials on copying objects and pages: &
Make sure the second project is saving changes as expected by checking the above message.