Prezi Design Feature Request


I just love that Prezi has added the Design component. You really up the game. Prezi Presentations are great, but sometimes I would like to create something easy and quick with Design (Slides).
It would be great of some of the Presentation features could be added to Design. Like:
-> Zoom In feature to focus/point out an area
-> Import Power Point (do not see an way to do that)
-> Have an option where each line of text can be animated (with click or timed delay)

->>> Have the same Text Features in Design be placed in Presentation

Those features would be great!!!

Thanks a for Design!!!

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Hi Mark!

We’re really happy to hear you like the new Prezi Design tool!

Thank you for the feedback! As Prezi Design is a new tool many more great features are yet to be added. We are planning to add Power Point import to start Design projects, however, the option to zoom in to certain points will most likely stay with Prezi Presentations only.
As for the animation for each line, I can suggest a workaround adding each line of the text as a separate text field and then add animation to them one by one. In the animation setting choose the option for the object to appear on click as set the delay time of the animation accordingly.

Have a great day!
Prezi Design Support

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