Prezi Design functions in Prezi Next?

Hello Prezi Team,

Why a new product again - while the old ones don’t work properly.

Why don’t you implement the functionalities from Prezi Design into the proven Prezi-Next and finally get Prezi-Video (recognition of the external camera) working ?

Functions which would be better placed in Prezi-Next:
text: Line hight; Letter sapcing; List type; Text transform
Charts: Interactivity during the presentation
Maps: Great interactive maps during the presentation
Graphics: Finally, GIF’s again;
Shapes: larger selection
Integration: URL links and much more
Download: PDF as high-resolution vector format

You advertises Prezi-Next as a non-linear presentation tool and increasingly lose focus on it !!
Instead, you integrate new features into the linear presentation method that you have frowned upon so far.

A frustrated long-time Prezi-Classic/Next user.

Hey @H_Hoefelmann, thank you for reaching out, we greatly appreciate your feedback.

Our goal is to provide all our customers with the best visual communication tools possible.
Prezi Design is a new product integrated into the Prezi platform. It is a priority for us to enable more features across our different tools and we will be providing further details in the coming months.

I agree with some criticisms here. I would have loved to be able to interact more with my map data points in Prezi Design (zooming in on Icons then showing relevant material for each icon).

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Thanks @Christina_Belous for your feedback, I’ll forward it to our product team. :slight_smile: