Prezi design sucks

Hi all, I am honestly trying to use prezi design for a presentation, but it is terribly uncomfortable to use:

  • It is slow and lags or gets stuck
  • there’s no copy/paste function, if you want to move a slide you have to drag it all the way (and it usually lags when you try)
  • There’s no side notes function on the presentations (only the videos)
  • the layouts you can insert are ugly, and small
  • there’s no ‘my library’ of favorite images, or images I uploaded.

Ohh – and for the videos, there’s no editing function, if you make a mistake you better start again.

I paid for the service, but I’m honestly dissappointed. Are there improvements coming?

Hi @Ariana_Ramos!

Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time using Prezi Desing!
The slowness might be a local issue. Have you tried a full browser restart, clearing cache/cookies manually, logging in from a private/incognito browser window, or a different browser altogether? If this is not the case, I could have a look at it with your permission. Could you send me the URL link to your project in a direct message?

As for the copy-paste, there actually is such function: you can copy a page of your multi-page project and paste it below another page you’ve selected, or paste in another project. Here is also a tutorial on that.

The side/presenter notes feature is indeed not available in Prezi Desing at the moment, however, thank you for the feedback! Prezi Design is a new product and we value feedback like yours for its improvements.

I am not sure if by layouts you meant the pre-designed templates that you can access from here but if you don’t find any of the templates to your liking you can also start with a blank page and design the project on your own. If you do choose one of our templates but the page size is to small, you can easily resize the project. You’ll find a tutorial on that here.

You also do have access to the platform library from the Prezi Design editor as well. You can save your favorites in the library and reuse them in Prezi Present or Video. Read more on how to use the library here.