Prezi Design text selection

Selecting text is difficult for me in Prezi Design. Is it just my technique? I have to doubleclick the text box and highlight, which seems normal enough, but it’s very finicky and will deselect often. I have to repeat the process a couple of times and it can be very frustrating. It just seems the selection process isn’t as “foolproof” as what I’m used to on the Prezi Create/Presentation side. Any tips?

Hi @Plastic_Ingenuity,

Sorry to hear you find the text editing frustrating! If you need to change settings like color, font size, or font style, you need to click just once the text field to select it and then use the right-side settings panel.
What I can suggest if you want to, for example, delete all the text in the text field is to double-click on it and use the combination CTRL/CMD + A to select the all text at once. Also, using CTRL/CMD and arrow keys to move the cursor to the front or end of the text can ease working with the text boxes.
Here’s also a tutorial on Editing text in Prezi Design.

I just clicked on your tutorial link and thank you, that was/is very helpful. I think my biggest challenge is when I’m trying to select all or a part of the text itself to change the words contained within. It’s just a bit cumbersome compared to other Prezi editing tools. I’ll definitely give your suggestions a try and maybe it just takes time to get used to. If it’s something that can be considered for future, though, I think it would be helpful to have a more prominent blinking cursor and an easier way to select partial text without using arrow keys. In the meantime, wish me luck and I’ll check in again once I get more projects under my belt.

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