Prezi desktop Enterprise Deployment

Please could you advise how we can deploy Prezi in our Enterprise environment as our users do not have admin rights. Ideally we would use SCCM to deploy the application however as it constantly requires updates, these require admin-rights which our users do not have. Is there any way we can either disable the updates or deploy the updates silently without user intervention and no need for admin credentials?

Hi Knightstone IT,

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no possibility to opt out from the updates of Prezi for Windows and Mac.

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This is also a problem for us.  perhaps this functionality has been upgraded.  Do you have any updates on how to turn off the AuotoUpdate feature in Prezi Desktop?  Perhaps if we just modified the updater.json file and changed “true” to “false”?

Any advice would be appreciated!



Hi Vanda,
What are the best practices for deploying Prezi in a Enterprise environment?
Do you have any documentation?

Updates are also an issue for us. Our users (+1000) would be more then happy to use Prezi but this has been a showstopper for 2 years now.
Would it be an idea to come up with a way to manage update in a different matter?

We will be more then happy to buy the licenses but this needs to be fix first.

Thanks for you reply.Guidino