Prezi.exe freezes after opening on pc


I downloaded my Prezi at home on my pc and then I went to the place where I’m planning to present it. After I started the Prezi.exe (I have only one file with a size of ~31 mb) on that computer the programm freezes while starting and the loading circle stops at one quarter of the full circle.

What can I do? It is very urgent.

Hey, this happened to me once too. The problem is usually in the system, not prezi. Try opening it in your laptop. If it works that way. Connect your laptop with the multimedia. If that’s not an option, try opening the prezi online. I hope this helps.

Hi Julian,

Like Maham said, one factor is the computer system.
Another factor is the image size. If you have an image that is more than 2800px, some computer won’t be able to handle it which resulting in the crashing of the Prezi. The solution would be to resize the image and re-insert it into Prezi.

Hope this helps.

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