Prezi exits present mode after following a hyperlink and returning

Prezi exits present mode after following a hyperlink and returning. when I click on a hyperlink and the tab on the browser opens, when i go back to the prezi it has changed from the presentation to edit mode. how can i stay in the presentation mode when i close the tab?

See problem regarding Prezi kicking you off presentation mode when you follow a hyperlink:


Here’s the link -

Hi Vera, I experience the same problem (as Greg and J.Moss) with my Prezi: See links in path-step 3 and 4. I use Google Chrome. The link opens a new tab (which is fine), but when I return to the browser-tab with prezi iI have to klick “Present-Mode” again. It was quite confusing for my audience to watch me do this serveral times. What would be a workaround if this persits?

Hi Vera, I use Microsoft/Google Chrome. Here my process:

  • on the Your-Prezis site I klick the full-screen icon (bottom-right)
  • I answer the full-screen question with YES (Zulassen)
  • I click the forward arrows (bottom middle)
  • I click the hyperlink in the prezi: The website opens in a new tab
  • I go back to the browser tab with the Prezi. It is not in Edit mode, but it has left the full-screen mode:
    Attached the screenshot at this step

OK.  Thanks for the follow-up.