Prezi for Android via Chromecast / Miracast to a beamer?

Dear Prezi staff,

I am thrilled that finally there is a Prezi for Android app!
I ́m just somewhat confused whether I can now use my Android smartphone and a wireless adapter like Chromecast or Miracast or similar to broadcast my Prezi to a beamer? Is this possible and if yes, do I need some additional apps?

Best regards,
Andreas Brunner

Dear Andreas,
Thank you for reaching out to us.

Currently, it’s not possible to broadcast your prezi to Chromecast directly from Prezi app.
However, if you download the official Chromecast app ( from the Google Play store, you will be able to broadcast your mobile device’s screen.

Happy Zooming,
István Csúsz

Looking forward to when there will be a Chromecast option in Prezi.

The article says there is a cast button next to the invite button, but it is not there. Is this only available on certain devices? I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S7.