Prezi for Android

Prezi really works so well and can be used in multiple ways. It would be even more powerful, if there was a chance to take the downloaded Prezis mobile and show it to your friends / business partners on mobile devices (Android). Is there a plan to develop such a tool?

Any updates on this?

Very curious about this!


Hmmm…I may be over-thinking this issue, but: Since Prezi is Flash-based, and embedded prezis are driven by Flash, and since Flash will run on almost everything except my iPhone, shouldn’t a Droid user be able to access a web page with an embedded prezi and then demonstrate the prezi to clients? This solution seems too simple to work. Perhaps a Droidite could check this and let the rest of us know.

Just another user…

relliott - I’m running Froyo on my android-phone and it won’t work. :frowning:

I have a Galaxy Tab and was able to access Prezis through the stock Android browser (couldn’t get it to work with other browsers). I was able to login and view/edit my own as well. It was VERY choppy - and not very usable without proper mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts, but I could access it.

I would LOVE an Android app for Prezi - especially since the Galaxy Tab has video out. I could easily hook up to a projector and take my shows on the road with the tablet!

Would it be possible for someone affiliated with Prezi to shine some light on the chances of this happening anytime soon?

just got an email about Prezi on iPad. How about launching it on Android Phone?

I too would LOVE the Android functionality. Prezi works on my GalaxyTab via my Dolphin HD browser but (as above) this is choppy and reliant on internet access. A standalone app would be wonderful!!!

I was able, altough not with great result, to view a Prezi on my HTC Desire HD. An app would be a better solution.

I would also really like to see this done, especially with the release of honeycomb. I have a Motorola xoom and I use it enstead of a laptop not in addition to, so a full featured android app would be very much appreciated.

An app is needed to run prezi’s offline when presenting where there is no network connection.

No app required to run offline on a PC - just a copy of Flash V10 or above.

On a Windows PC, correct - this method does not work on an Android device.

I am with you in that assessment, but Prezi generally does not comment on our development schedule. Features will be announced and released when they are ready. Please keep an eye on,… and for official info.

Whatever Cathryne. Prezi is a great tool that appeals to nonconformists who don’t follow the powerpoint/keynote bandwagon, and Android has that same appeal when it comes to mobile/pads. When wifi is available the online version of Prezi on my Xoom works okay for presentations, but the lack of a downloadable player is very disappointing given Android’s support for Flash. Prezi could show us a little love by not coming off like a bunch of stiffs and at least acknowledging they’re working on it. A corporate sounding blowoff just leaves us feeling like we’re being taken for granted.

+1 for SuperJ

RR, SuperJ, Jan,

it’s a company policy to not comment on what we are currently working on or not. Even if I (or my colleges in the support team) knew the details you are asking for, I/we couldn’t talk about it, I’m sorry. I know it’s not what you’d like to hear, but it’s the only ‘answer’ I can give at this point.

In the past, it has helped to sound the drums for a certain feature request, discuss it constructively, make good suggestions and vote it up here in the forums.


your response is understandable as a direct answer to the timetable/roadmap-question.
Of course you’re not allowed to talk about that and all, that’s what everybody can and should expect.

But on the other hand it would be great to have a little acknowledgement if you are even planning to someday release something for Android.
To “sound the drums” is a little hard if there’s not a shred of evidence that it’s going to happen. Little detail here: it’s not about “when”, it’s about “if”.

Once there’s even a small acknowledgement from the side of Prezi the drumming is going to happen by itself.
The only thing I know of is this little forum here.

Thanks for your work!