Prezi for Android

I tought Prezi was a good ed company, until now that I discivered that as all the companies, has worked for getting an adecuation for iOS but not for Android. I am very disappointed from Prezi. I wont never ever can afford for an apple product, but I can get some android devices but I always get with unconsidered companies that forget from android and other OS. And at the top of all, there is no a real way of contact where I can complain about this at Prezi.

Hi Angel,

Sorry for the late reply I hope I can still help you.

We currently don’t officially support Android. I’m sorry about this, but there are workarounds/hacks for tablet and mobile browsers that support Flash - Here is a workaround from our community page: (  and here is a custom app someone made, also from our community page:(…We “Link:”) can’t provide guarantees or support for these. If you do choose please back-up your prezis before trying that.

Hopefully we WILL have a version for the Android out soon. You can always check our new feature log( to see our progress and what our latest features are! 

If you would like, you can join our Android test group! You will be among the first to try our feature and you could possibly shape the product by taking part in the development and providing feedback about the latest features. You can find our Testflight App Beta page here (

Kind regards,

I registered for the testflight app yesterday. But it says ‘There are no available builds’

I would really like to test this

Aah. Alright. Thanks for your reply.