Prezi for Government Use

I am attempting to obtain a free copy of Prezi for testing on US Government Systems.  In order to procure/use the software on these systems the software has to be obtained but can’t be purchased until it has been tested. Catch 22…who can I put the IT staff in contact with to complete this so the software can be used?

Hi Michael, 

You can subscribe for a Prezi PRO plan if you need to test desktop with privacy at and you cancel at any time in case it doesn’t work out for your needs.

In case your IT department needs more information regarding security we have a tutorial about there here.

If you need further assistance after subscribing for the trial, please let me know and I will contact our Customer Success team.


thanks for the response.  Is there another way?  As previously stated, it’s a catch 22.  We cannot provide credit card info for software that is not approved.  Can you put me in touch with the customer success team?  Again, I’m working to get the software approved at a Department of Defense level – meaning, it’s clear for everyone in the Military to use.  I don’t know how many PCs that equals but, if approved, I’m sure the numbers following the dollars sign would dwarf the cost of the software for testing purposes.

Hi Michael,
Would it be a team license ? I will forward to our premium support and she will get back to you as soon as possible.



The software will be tested by 1 or 2 evaluators.  Our EAPL testing will cover installation and operation of the software and verify it is a standalone product with no connection to the internet as per the email trail below.

This is per Tony Bai.  He’s the Program Manager, DHA Assessment & Authorization Branch Cyber Security Division, Health Information Technology Directorate.


If you need to contact him to validate this I can provide his info off-line.



I am also interested if Prezi has pushed for government use. Looking at the software, I think the IT issue would be the use of the “cloud”. The government will not allow us to use any online temporary storage areas. Is there a way to get the PRO licenses without the cloud? I would think that would move the approval process along. 

Michael: How are things going? I’m curious if it will be available on the approved software list. 


This software is currently being looked at by William Bai at DHA.  The best option, for gov’t folks, is to use the desktop version.  All cloud options are out.  We should be getting an answer before the holidays on this one…

Just received an e-mail from the “powers that be” who are vetting through the program:

Mr. Eilliott,

The trial period has expired with Prezi so I was unable to capture the operations needed. Is there any way you can extend the trial period or create a new account?




Can my trial be extended for the testing to complete?

Hi Ken,

We currently have a feature for group license admins who don’t want or can’t use any online temporary storage areas.

For further details about this feature and about group licenses please contact our sales team here and they will inform you all that you need to know.


What was the outcome?