Prezi for ipad conference

Hello all! New to Prezi and great to be here :slight_smile:

Just wondering if you could let me know if you think my concept is possible in Prezi?

I have a conference with seated patrons. Each seat will have an iPad. I need to have the presentation on the iPad whereby the patron can interact. For example, I have a home screen graphic of various layers of rock strata. I need the patrons to be able to touch on various points on the graphic that will then play a corresponding video of each layer. Is this sort of kisok functionality possible with Prezi?

Many thanks in advance. If it’s not suited to this, any advice or direction onto something that would be suitable will be greatly appreciated.

Have a good one, cheers! :slight_smile:

Hello @Thomas_Crimmins, could you please let me know if you would add these videos to the presentation by uploading them or inserting them from Youtube?

Please note that to see the same presentation on each iPad, you must log in on all the iPads with your account into the Prezi Viewer application.

Hey Bart, thanks for your response.

Ideally, we would have the content play within the presentation and not leave to YouTube or Vimeo. However, the videos could be linked from there if Prezi is able to import the links and play within the pres, this might be a good option, short of building a bespoke app with video playing function.

Does the Prezi player support iPad tap gestures?

Let me know if this is possible.

Many thanks!