Prezi for online comic book artists!

Hello, I was introduced to this site by a teacher of mine and immedatly I thought this program was a perfect match for the online comics world. I have put togather a quick (Literally took me like 3 minets to do this, amazing.) online comic using pages I made about a year ago

Warning adult content (Violence, language.)…

Have you ever thought about agresivly marketing your program to web comic book makers? This program could help web comic break out of the traditional rectangle page layouts and do some really creative stuff. Here are soem ideas.

Compadibility with
This is a site to share art and graphics design. I couldent seem to be able to display my work on the site. This may be because I dont know how to export as a flash file (Is that in the paid version?)

Online comic contest.
you would be suprised how many artist show up if there is a decent prize, it might do your business a lot of good to have these artists try out your product. Even artist who are just novices tend to drop plenty of money on the proper programs and equipment.

Hi there,

We actually run a monthly prize, with our prize being a free Pro license.

The only way to get your prezi into a flash file would be to screencast it as you go through your path points.

Ie. ( = free and takes about 5 minutes to completely screencast).

This creates a video file you can use to add sound, etc.