Prezi for Ubuntu

when will prezi be fully available for linux/ubunutu users I lov ethis presentation format and want to continue to use it but can’t with ubuntu…please help!

Same request from me. Windows really sucks. Hope that Prezi becomes available for Ubuntu. Can’t use Prezi anymore since I started to use Ubuntu.

It works after some difficulty with installing Flash in Chromium. Thanks.

Good day.
As I understand, prezi don’t want to use opensource operation system for creating aplication. It is normal for companies who  making money  as priority.

At linux we have wine. And it is good alternative!  Maybe someone will help linux comunity to use  emulation . Give us information about packages using by your app and libs (adobe air, net framework etc.) And that’s enough. Linux comunity is smarter than you expect. If you will do this, You have all chances to become Presentation package #1 !!!)  It isn’t mean that your product will be for free- No. But It will be 1 little step for MILLIONS AND MILLIONS endusers.  At Linux we have vacum of such kind of products. We have good office software but  presentation…  

I would love to see an offline solution for ubuntu, i love prezi but when it is not able to work offline it is less useful. :slight_smile:

I am really frustrated with prezi too.