Prezi German Manual

We like Prezi so much, that we decided to write a detailed instruction in German language. All German Prezi users are invited to download the pdf from our website

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.

Best regards,


Hi Danyel,

thanks for your work on that. But the link directs to Google and when I copy+paste the text link, I am asked to register or something. Don’t you want to make the manual public?

Oh, this was a typo. I am sorry. Is there any chance in editing my thread?

The correct link is this:

At the moment, visitors need to register (free) to download any material from this website. I am working on this.

Sorry, GetSatisfaction doesn’t allow editing or the original post in any topic. Not even for us moderators.


if you removed the registration requirement, Prezi could advertise your work via our Twitter, Facebook etc. sites. We have gathered links to a few other non-English manuals already and might link to them on our manual, giving the creators credit.

Hi Cathryne,

I can send the document upfront to you so that you can add this to your manual. Please let me know where to send it to.

We are still discussing this internally, and we like the manual a lot. I registered for your site and got a copy, you don’t have to send it :wink:

Luckily it’s very high in the Google ranks… so for now people will most likely find it without our direct help.

If we decide on something more specific, we will come back to you.

Thanks again for your effort und viele Gruesse!

Thanks for your comment. With regards to Google ranks, this is an English title. I assume Germans would type in some German search phrases like: “Prezi Deutsche Anleitung”. Would it make sense to write a thread in German language in addition?… gives the same top results, but yeah, a German GetSat topic should make it bullet-proof.