Prezi - give us some quality control, please.

Many Prezis under ‘Explore’ are the efforts of beginners.

Please let us explore some good re-usable Prezis, instead of a mess of every beginner’s failed efforts, including mine.

A simple rating system would spare visitors a lot of nausea. Or create some bare templates?

Otherwise, we search for 30 minutes, throw up, loop…

I mean no disrespect to the people whose material is on line - clearly a lot of effort goes in to these presentations.

Yes, better community pages with ratings, groups, author profile pages etc. would be nice.

I’ve changed the status of this post to an “idea” so it can be reviewed by our team. Thanks for sharing the suggestion.

Hi All,

In the Explore page we have now the “Staff Picks” really nice prezis with different teams chosen by us.
And also popular ones which are most viewed and liked prezis

You can also search for a specific theme in the search bar and check the option “Show reusable prezis only”.