Prezi in HTML5

HTML5 Prezi embeds. I realize the whole application probably needs flash to create Prezis, but as far as I know you should be able to display prezis on other websites (the embed) as HTML5. This would allow those on phones or ipads to view presentations.

Hi Rochelle,
Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve noted this idea and will post an update here if we make any changes!!


I hate to say it but lack of HTML5 embed is a dealbreaker for me. I was seriously thinking about signing up for a Pro account but not being able to view an embedded Prezi on an Ipad or iPhone made me hold off.

Any plans on rollout? Is it in the pipeline or just under consideration?

I think moving to HTML5 would also help with accessibility issues, but I’m still researching that. Using prezi instead of ppt means we have to also produce the ppt anyway, because prezi isn’t accessible and we’re required by law to make an accessible version available at the same time. So if HTML5 is more accessible, that would be a huge help!

we have no plan for this. Sorry. It will be available on android since it has flash support.



what accessibility problem can you see? We can solve that without HTML5. Can you help in specifying what you need for accessible version?


Screenreaders can parse a prezi, can they?

My colleagues have been in touch with you with a list of accessibility problems, I’m sure I could have them send the correspondence on again if you like.

html5 would not solve the problem alone. I guess we need a transcript of the prezi -> texts in the order of path. You know in a PPT the transcript is a simple question.Slide by slide and text from top to the bottom. But how can we do this in prezi?


Bummer. No html5. Prezi is beautiful thinking. It would look so in an iPad. Bummer. Deep sigh.…

Yeah, a lot of folks in my PLN no longer look at my presentations because “they won’t work on their iPads” … it would be nice if there was a production option for this, although I’m not sure I want to feed this latest frenzy.

We would use Prezi in an instant if presentations weren’t only in Flash. Unfortunately, the inability to use iOS devices simply kills it for us.

I had a paid Prezi account last year ( but stopped using it because I could not show my presentation on the iPad.

I know Flash will run on Android devices if they have enough horsepower, but the iPad and iPhone are very popular, and almost none of my clients use Android devices. Even if they did, HTML5 would work on both, while Flash only works on desktops and very powerful mobile devices.

Flash can be forced to mimic some of the accessibility and SEO friendliness of HTML (with extra work) but why be trapped inside an uneditable Flash movie when you could have the code laid out right there for you in HTML5?

I understand if that is not where Prezi wants to go, but with all the demand for an HTML5 version, someone will go there, and people will pay for it.

I know I will!

What a brilliant idea. Didn’t even occur to me that my iPod can’t view it and I’m frustrated now I’ve realised.

HTML5 should be considered not just because it works well with the iPad, but as a standard should work well across a variety of platforms without worrying about Flash performance.

A port now may be so much easier than having to port later…

Hi, Running prezis on an iPad is a MUST!

the flash thing is pretty much keeping me from using prezi

I hate apple but I think HTML5 would make it more efficient with loading of media, which would be very important with large media.

html5 would be faster in chrome.

maybe an autodetect feature? as in when you open a prezi to edit, it detects if your browser is standards-compliant to html5?