Prezi is Crashing Upon Startup (white screen with exclamation mark)! =(

I am very dissatisfied with Prezi. The program has severe fundamental issues which need to be resolved. I have the student edition ($59) and I have only used 31% of my memory yet, my Prezi keeps crashing. I have worked very hard on this presentation and now it fails to open without crashing (with exclamation mark). I have tried three different browsers (IE, Firefox, and Chrome) on two different computers. I have a huge presentation coming up and this program has failed me. I have zero confidence in Prezi at this point. Although I received the $59 at no cost, I have no idea how Prezi continues to charge consumers that price for a product which functions like a beta.

In addition, the vector text files flicker and leave ghosting trails during motion/zooms.

The Prezi URL:…

I am sorry to hear that :frowning: On the other hand, if you used 31% of your storage space with one prezi, such problems are to be expected, see… and

Just like PowerPoint, Prezi has some limitations, esp. regarding big and many multi-media objects.

hii zoli, i was wondering how you can change the size of the images, because My prezi has crashed, the exclamation mark has appeared.

With the URL of the prezi we can fix it.…

It crashed my browser too :frowning: Today evening, I can try it from a better computer. If it works then, I will remove the pictures that are too large. In the meantime, please make sure that the source files don’t exceed the resolution limit: Reduce the image resolution if necessary and keep the files handy to insert them again into the repaired prezi.

OK, I could open it on my home computer. There were indeed by far too large pictures in there. I guess you used the images as your camera took them? A fixed version with the images removed is here Please make a copy (button right below the frame) and insert the pictures again, this time respecting the resolution limit. Sorry.

Zoli-- PLEASE do this for me-- I have my whole Prezi lost at the moment.

Please follow these advice and report the Prezi ID back here. Restoring an older version your prezi is no problem. But just the info you provided above, we can’t help you.

My prezi is not working. We lost a lot of our work. Sometime this morning prezi decided to revert back to a much earlier save. I need to get the work back that we had completed last night/this morning…

My prezi is not working. We lost a lot of our work. Sometime this morning prezi decided to revert back to a much earlier save. I need to get the work back that we had completed last night/this morning…

Hi Jonathan!

Can you please provide contextual details about which content should re-appear? The save versions are not timestamped. From your description, I am guessing that the prezi was still opened by one of your co-editors while their computer went into sleep mode. Could that be the case? Did you make any changes after discovering the loss of content?

I reverted your prezi back from save version 179 to 175, but couldn’t see any differences. The path stops in both cases at a video. Please let me know whether I should revert it further, and what to look for in the target version.

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Please revert the save further. There should be about 28 paths with the last slide having the title “conclusion”

Sorry about the multiple posts. Wont happen again. Got worried as we have a presentation tomorrow.

Thank you!


You were right :slight_smile: It’s at save version 168 now and there are 28 path points and the conclusion again. Happy zooming!


Please ask for your help.

For days I have been designing a presentation Prezi
and now I can not open.

His address is:…

I think it was too much information or something happened.
If you could retrieve the information even though it was DVID two presentations would be very happy.

Please ask for your help.

Thank you very much.

My says IO_ERROR. And no matter how many times I restart my computer, it pops up with IO_ERROR

hi my prezi has a problem! could you help me restore to its original copy?
the url is here:

thanks alot!