Prezi is not recognizing the start time code in my YouTube URL. Any workaround?

I am trying to embed a clip of a video but i need it to start at a custom time. I am putting in the URL with the time code in it, but prezi will only start at the 0:00 mark.

As far as I am aware prezi is not yet built to support the new youtube custom start URL’s - so it is a limitation of the program rather than your mistake. The custom start command is at the moment only really used by the youtube website itself (the url tell it to go to page X then to fastforward to point Y) which is not possible for an embedded vidoe as of yet in prezi.

As a work around you can…

use a program like to download a copy of the youtube video and then edit it yourself in moviemaker…

and then

either upload the edited video directly into your prezi

or re-upload the wedited version to youtube and link to that


AJ is right: Prezi’s YouTube player can’t handle the advanced settings, sorry. It’s on our list, but I can’t talk about our development schedule, sorry.

Hey Thank you both for the replies!
It would be easy enough to just jump a clip ahead to where you want it to start but Prezi also does not display the timestamp so that’s tricky.

Yes, that feature request is on our radar. I changed this topic to an idea, so it get’s noticed better.

Yes, please, please do this. Or add the timestamps. Thanks!

The best solution that I found was to use

Paste in the link to the youtube video, select FLV format and chose the start and end times you want. Then download a trimmed down FLV file and insert it as a file into your Prezi. Voila!

There is a banner saying “implemented” on this idea. Has it been implemented?

I just tried adding “&t=3m25s” to the end of a YouTube URL. It works in a browser and I can add the video to a prezi but the video starts playing from the beginning.

Am I doing something wrong?

Same thing. Didn’t work for me.

I’m working on a presentation for my classroom and need to start in the middle of a video because the introduction is sooooo long. I only want to show short clips of various videos. This feature would make my presentation much more fluid.

I agree, this would make Prezi much more powerful and it seems like an easy fix.

This feature is a must have!


“Been on your radar” for three years? Prezi has not improved a single thing since I started using it in 2012. I enjoy using it more than PowerPoint, but come on. 

I agree.  Three years is too long for something so simple. 

Likewise. Still hoping this feature will appear soon.

I think this feature is key… Yes!

Yes, worked great for me as well. Getting a 10 second clip out of the middle of a two-hour vid has made it so much easier to present (without having to spend lots of time finding it).

Thanks so much!

I thought Prezi was new…  this has been an issue for 4 years?  I’ll fix it for you…  @jonsieling

That would be awesome thanks. I (and a lot of other users) use sections of YouTube videos in our presentations. Sometimes these videos are copyright so we can’t simply download them and edit out the bit we want. Hence not being able to select snippets of video directly from YouTube is a serious limitation for a professional trainer and presenter.  Definitely worth making it a priority.