Prezi is very slow under Windows 11

My computer has authomatically installed the new version of Windows 11, and Prezi is now running very slowly. I have the same problem when using the desktop appli Prezi next , or online. Have someone experienced such problem ?

Hello @Veronique_Barban, it would be very helpful if you could send us a screenshot of your tasks manager while having Prezi opened both in the web browser and desktop application, so we could further investigate this!

Thanks in advance, and hope to hear from you soon!

Hello Catarina,
Here is a screenshot of the open tasks in my web browser and on my desktop (there is a white dot below the open applications)
This is the minimum I need to work: one open file in .ppt, one in word, and my time tracking desktop application.
Before I shifted to Windows 11, I used to have up to 10 internet windows open simultaneously for images searching, 3 or 4 .ppt files, and 2 or 3 .pdf files, in addition to Prezi, without any performance problem. My other applications are running as usual, despite some modifications of the Office Pack applications, not for the best in my opinion.

My Prezi dashboard contains 10 presentations, including the current one: could this be the problem? I don’t know how to save my presentations without opening all of them each time I create a new one.

Furthermore, I have lost some functionalities in Prezi after shifting to the new exploitation system, like the possibility to rotate images by pressing Alt and moving the corner of the picture simultaneously with the mouse (now, I open the image in .ppt, rotate it, save and insert in my document: very frustrating!)

Thank you for your help

@Veronique_Barban thanks a lot for the detailed feedback!

It would immensely help us if you could send a screenshot of the tasks manager (processes), so we can see the level of usage Prezi is currently having in your system. You can check this article on how to access it :slight_smile:

In relation to saving the presentations, this happens automatically while you’re editing both in the online editor and desktop application, as the content is saved to our cloud, but if you’d like to reassure that the changes are saved, you can click on the cloud icon on the top left corner.

Hope to hear from you soon!