Prezi & Leapmotion

You should make Prezi work with this:

I know that the product hasn’t even released yet, but the Leapmotion gesture control device seems like an amazing partner for Prezi…

You guys should check it out, order a free SDK and make some sort of alliance, this is really really great and will only make both products (Prezi & Leap) more awesome.

Marco, I agree completely, especially now that Prezi has released a ‘depth’ and 3D version!

That would be awesome. Clicked the +1 on this!

Exactly! Don’t forget to vote this post so our voices are heard… hopefully

Already tested a first leapmotion SDK device and YES !!!
PREZI & leapmotion are born to integrate togheter !!!

Is there still no official solution?

Hello all,

Prezi has been used with this before and seems to work (although I do not know the overall results) - search ‘Prezi and leap motion’ on Youtube and one of our Prezi Experts is using it.