Prezi loads super slow from share link!


Hi all -

I’m super new to Prezi and have spent a few days putting my first Prezi together. My intention was to use it for in-person presentations but also to send prospects a link to see our capabilities in advance. I’m on the free plan currently, trying to determine weather it’s worth pitching a premium plan to my company or not.

When testing the link I find that my Prezi takes almost a full minute to fully load, and even when all the visible pieces have loaded it still shows as loading in the lower left corner. It seems to run fine from there, though images do remain blurry a bit longer.

I love my new presentation using Prezi, however I’m concerned it will make a poor first impression if it takes that long to load.

Here’s the link:

Is anyone else having this same slow load experience? Is there a way to fix it?

Thank you for any feedback/info!


One other thing I just noticed, after clicking on the Prezi link I noticed my CPU jumps to 100%, then, once it loads, stays up in the 70-80% range, which seems to make everything run slower.


@Sammy_Bliss Could you check the size of the image files you were using in the presentations? Large image files can increase the loading time significantly so resizing them might solve the issue.

In addition, I can recommend you to use your free trial days to download this presentation and use the file for presenting and sending the file to prospects.


Thanks @Agnes. I can’t seem to download my prezi though, it says I need to upgrade to do so. Is there a way for me to download it on the basic plan?



@Sammy_Bliss As I mentioned the presentations can only be exported for offline use with a Plus or above license that you can trial for 7 days (if you cancel you will not be charged for the license and can downgrade back to Basic) so I can recommend you to sign up for the trial to see if this function would be useful for you.